Birth Body Bootcamp: What exactly is it?

I absolutely love teaching my Birth Body class to pregnant moms in our area. It’s probably my favorite thing to teach because there is so much to learn about our bodies and traditionally, no one tells us a whole lot. I teach my classes from the perspective of a Pelvic Floor PT so it’s a little different from other birth classes out there. That doesn’t mean mine is the best or that you shouldn’t go to others. It just means that there is room for several as you prepare yourself for birth. I have had first time moms as well as moms with lots of experience come and learn a lot from this class. Because I’m a PT, we focus on things like how to prepare your core, pelvic floor, muscles, soft tissues for birth. We talk about labor and delivery positions and the evidence for why you’d want to use which (depending on your body, your pain, your goals). We talk about things you can work on immediately after delivery to start healing your body well regardless of how you give birth. Me, I’ve had a vaginal birth and a Cesarean birth and could have used this after both deliveries. For a little more insight into what I wish I’d know, check out my blog post about my Cesarean recovery here or find out a little about why we should ALL have PT in our lives during pregnancy and postpartum here.

If you, a friend, a coworker, a family member is expecting, please consider sharing this class with them if you are in the Fayetteville/Pinehurst/Southern Pines area! Our next class will be taught at Mamaste Fit in Southern Pines on Saturday, January 26th. For more information contact me at, check out our Facebook event, or head to the Mamaste website to register!

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