After months of being brushed off by multiple doctors, Lacy sat down with me and truly listened and was concerned about my pelvic pain and numbness.

Lacy made me feel heard and cared for in a way that no doctor had. Lacy worked so hard to help treat my problems that others had told me to just to live with. And today, I am much better, and now have the knowledge and tools I need if the problems arise again. Lacy's dedication to her patients is unmatched, as is her knowledge and skill when it comes to pelvic health. I am so thankful to have gotten help and treatment from her. My quality of life and my marriage are much better because of it.

Claire G.

I saw Lacy for stubborn stress and urge incontinence post partum.

She took her time to get to the bottom of what caused my issues (a hypermobile foot, nonexistent glute strength, and weak pelvic floor) and got me back on track with exercises and activities easy for me to fit into my busy life. Her passion us evident in all that she does.

Ashley G.

"It's a different kind of patient experience."

Lacy is wonderful. I have seen her a few times over the past several weeks. It’s a different kind of patient experience when seeing Lacy. She takes her time, listens fully, and explains everything she is doing. I have really enjoyed learning more about my own Pelvic floor and also getting to experience dry needling a few times. Over the past several weeks, I have seen improvement in my hips, lower back, and pelvic floor. I can not recommend her enough!

Savannah R.