Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy and the Fourth Trimester

A few months ago I had a Physical Therapy student ask if she could interview me for a project she was working on. She was interested in Pelvic Health PT but didn’t know much about it. While they do have a class as part of their curriculum (taught by my amazing Pelvic Health mentor Brook Browning, PT) she hadn’t yet taken it. My passion for Pelvic Health is hard for me to keep bottled up, so I’m hoping she felt excited (instead of scared) to hear my thoughts!

Pelvic Health PT can be so helpful during pregnancy, to prepare for birth, and of course postpartum. We help with incontinence, pelvic pain, prolapse, diastasis abdominus (abdominal separation), constipation, fecal leaking, urgency of urine or stool, scar tissue, return to exercise, and SO MUCH MORE!!!

Here is the link to her article about how PT can be so helpful in the Fourth Trimester!!

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