Postpartum Depression and Anxiety

My good friend and colleague Ashley Chandler recently delivered her second son. For some, that means a little less anxiety after having gone through this whole thing once before. However, that doesn’t mean things are all peaches and cream. I asked her to make some videos about motherhood, postpartum, recovery and how all of this feels second time around. I gave her no direction at all to see what issues felt most important to her and the first thing she wanted to talk about was postpartum depression and anxiety.

Postpartum depression and anxiety are not things that we choose to suffer from. They are chemical and/or hormonal imbalances that can make us feel awful, sad, insane, angry, scared, worried, even suicidal. They aren’t things we can just sleep away (though sleep deprivation does play into these issues). They are legitimate problems that moms can suffer from in the postpartum period, and it’s not always recognized. Very often moms don’t realize they may be dealing with these issues until they are past them. And let’s be honest, that is no way to live out the early postpartum days. Below is the video she made describing her experience with depression and anxiety. To learn a little more and find out if you are at risk for postpartum depression or anxiety, check out