The First Poop after Childbirth

The First Poop. 

We all know what I’m talking about right? That first poop after you give birth. It’s terrifying. It’s horrifying. It makes you sweaty with fear and dread that you are going to poop out your insides or rip open every stitch they just put in you. Or was this just me??

Maybe that was a little too much information for you but I’m just being honest. I’m pretty sure I was more traumatized by the idea of pooping after I delivered my first baby than I was from the actual delivery. I was so scared, in fact, that I had the nurse come in multiple times and talk me off the ledge over it. She didn’t actually come into the bathroom with me while I did it or anything, but she had to give me some pep talks. And all the stool softener.

Reality was not as scary as my imagination. I took the stool softeners they gave me and tried to go as soon as I had the urge. I think I was still taking Tylenol so it didn’t hurt that much, but the anticipation was rough.

Had I been a practicing Pelvic Health PT back in the day, I would have been on my game and been psyched about my first poop. However, I knew nothing. If you aren’t sure what exactly that is, click here for more info. For tips on how to make this first poop less scary, read the rest of this blog right over here on my blog!

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