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Postpartum Package

Postpartum Package



3 visits:

Includes the following: 

  • First visit with option for PT to come to YOU so you don’t have to leave the house with baby in tow right away
  • Extra charge added for mileage outside of set area for PT travel 
  • Postpartum healing strategies and education based on your delivery, postpartum goals, and long term goals 
  • Manual therapy as needed for scar tissue management, swelling management, pain from pregnancy or childbirth
  • Home exercise program (starting with the basics of abdominal and pelvic floor movement and progressing from there as you are ready)
  • Assistance getting back to your goals (this may be running a marathon in the future or being able to play with your child without peeing - no goal is a silly goal!!)
  • Ability to provide you with resources as needed - postpartum doula recommendations, lactation consultant recommendations, nutritional counseling, etc.

Treatment Length: 60 minutes. Scheduled Length: 70 minutes.