Exhale on the Effort!


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Exhale on the Effort!

I often see women who are very active but are dealing with some pelvic floor issues despite feeling pretty strong. Very often, they are exercising regularly, lifting weights, doing things that they feel like should keep them from having pelvic floor issues yet they find themselves in the clinic for help.

Well, here’s the thing. We can be strong and powerful yet still be compensating with our movements in a way that causes some dysfunction. Often, it’s about pressure management through our core. Breathing properly can be such a big help in managing pressures through our abdomen so that we can prevent things like prolapse or leaking! While it’s always more complicated that simply exhaling, sometimes it can be a good first step in getting yourself on track to stop leaking or prevent prolapse or worsening of your diastasis! I hope this video helps you get started and as always, find a pelvic PT ASAP to take a look and get you on track!

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